A toxic workplace is similar to having a bad day. The difference is, instead of it being back to normal the next day, it repeats itself. That is not the worst part; a toxic workplace does not stop at the office. You think about it after clocking off, and it affects your personal life. So, how can you identify a toxic workplace?

Toxic Workplaces and How to Identify Them

Poor Communication
Communication can make or break a business. If you are not getting information properly or people around you do not have information that they should, that is a massive red flag.

There are a few things you need to watch out for in particular. First is the overall communication in the workplace; it should not be lacking. The next step is paying attention to how they explain your work to you. Your higher up or coworker not clarifying what you need to do can cause problems. Someone being passive-aggressive or blatantly ignoring you is a part of a toxic environment. The final sign to look out for is differences in information between you and your coworkers. Differences create confusion, and nothing gets done.

Gossip and Rumours
There is nothing wrong with having a friendly conversation with your coworker, but remember that you are still there to work. People should not be forming groups and spreading rumours. Making friends at your workplace is good, but forming groups creates problems. Why?

People that form groups tend to blatantly ignore others which ruins the communication necessary for efficient work. These people also tend to message or whisper to each other when they should be working.

Bad Leadership
Most of the time, when people quit their jobs, they are unhappy with their boss. A bad boss can mean various things; they might want to micromanage your work and put you down when you have done well. You could also have a boss that blames their employees for anything that goes wrong. 

Whichever boss you have, they will make your workplace difficult for everyone so, we suggest getting out whenever you have that opportunity.

No Motivation or Growth
Working in a workplace where no one has any motivation is terrible. You have to deal with work that is not yours, and you quickly overwork yourself and get burnt out. If you do not get burnt out, you become unmotivated because that is what the others around you do.

Something equally toxic is your workplace not paying attention to you or your coworkers. Humans love learning; we constantly take in information, but if you take that away and do the same thing repeatedly, you will get burnt out and feel stressed even when you are not working.

No Time to Relax
You should not feel guilty if you do not see an email while you are relaxing at home. A job that requires you to be ready to work at ALL times is toxic. 

We have mentioned the term ‘burnt out’ a few times in this blog. That is part of identifying a toxic work environment. Finding yourself or your coworkers getting burnt out from their work is a clear sign that you are in a toxic workplace.

Trust Your Gut
At the end of the day, what you should trust the most, is your gut. If you think your workplace contributes to any stress or burnout you have felt, it might be time to consider finding a new job. Even if the signs are barely there, there is no guarantee that they will not get worse so, if your gut is screaming about getting out of there, that is what you should do.

These are ways to identify a toxic work environment. Remember, things not happening to you right now does not mean they will not later. Of course, if things are even worse than what we have listed here, you should make finding a new job your number #1 priority.

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