From tax-free or tax-incentivized salaries, cultural diversity, and high quality living compared to its neighboring Asian countries, the Arab region is not surely just about employment and its deserts. Working in Arab countries has consistently been on the pulse of people wanting to venture out the comforts or lack thereof of their own home countries.

Top 5 Best Arab Countries for Expats 

Here are our top 5 Arab countries for expats to work in.

Bahrain. Despite being one of the smallest countries in the Arab region, the country is an established center of finance, while heavily relying on the oil and gas industry. It has a population of 1.64 million where everyone has freedom in their religious and academic pursuits. Bahrain’s work week is typically between 40-48 hours with Friday as the Muslim rest day.

Oman. Oman has a low crime rate and has lower costs of living than most Arab countries. It also hosts expatriates from different parts of the world – comprising one quarter with most nationalities which are British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and South African.

Qatar. Unbeknownst to most, Qatar is the richest country in the world per capita. The country shares a border with UAE and caters to a relatively liberal way of life to its residents. Qatar is currently undergoing huge developments in infrastructure. The country will see a boost in its worldwide recognition since it will be hosting one of the globally anticipated events that is the 2022 World Cup.

Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the biggest population in the Middle East. Over 6 million expatriates live and work in the country. Employment is still highest in the oil and gas industry, but diversification is in process involving different industries in the aim to diversify the economy. The known conservative state of the country is slowly opening up in strides by now allowing mixed gender cinemas, woman drivers and tourism efforts concentrated in the arts and culture sectors.

United Arab Emirates. The UAE, comprising seven Emirates, has a lot to offer to its residents, locals and residents alike. The country can be said to be a highly-ranked commercial and tourist hub especially because Dubai will be hosting the Expo happening this October 2021. From tallest buildings, to the Louvre museum, to desert flower farms, to innovative developments in various sectors, the growth of the UAE is unstoppable. 

With the above, all you must do is enter any of these countries with not just your documents but an open mind and heart. Of course, we will need to be mindful that every expat will be subjected to the laws of the country.

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