Post vaccination, the world is slowly opening up and the workforce has sudden realizations given career choices, health and safety issues at their job, and the embrace of remote working.

The Big Quit and Humanization of Work

The Big Quit. In America, the “Big Quit,” or “Great Resignation” is a post-widespread-vaccination shift that has everyone from fast food workers to software engineers choose to leave their jobs. A record 4 million people quit their jobs in April, many of them in low-paid, inflexible industries like retail. 

The same thing is starting to happen in higher paid jobs. Studies show that nearly 40% of white-collar employees would rather leave their jobs than give up remote work, and even highly sought-after companies like Apple are struggling to avoid mass resignations from return-to-office policies.

This Big Quit should feel like a wake-up call to embrace the humanization of work. CEO’s shoud be taking note.

The Humanization of Work. Working remotely has enabled many workers to feel like they no longer had to choose between their work, family, and overall well-being – working remotely has made everyone adapt and flexible and try to reach work-life harmony – despite laundry, school drop-offs, personal errands.

Three Questions Bosses Should Be Asking Themselves. Productivity now should not be measured about how long the employee has stayed in the office. These are the important questions CEO’s should ask themselves to be able to adapt to the rapidly changing work environment:

1) Did productivity of this person/team fall during quarantine? Research shows that focus and productivity improved.

2) Do employees need to be in the office full-time to reap the benefits of the office? Many companies are embracing the 3-2 model of three days in the office, 2 days remote.

3) Am I willing to lose employees due to my remote work rules? As discussed above, employees are serious about quitting in search of more workplace flexibility.

This is a moment for managers to step up and reimagine how their workplace can be a flexible space. It’s time to create a workplace that encourages both productivity and quality of life for the sake of humankind.

A simple statement to end this read: The world has been short-staffed for almost two years now, it’s time to be kinder than ever to those who showed up. 

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