Remote work is here to stay, for some anyway! When the pandemic started, we thought the shift to working from home or outside the office was just a temporary placeholder in the global working landscape. However, almost all industries are now using remote work to its advantage. Every one of us must sit up and take notice of this major change, one year into the pandemic and we should be embracing and maximizing this as well.

Remote Working 2021

GoHuntr has prepared a list to serve as your guide for successful remote work this year.

1) Establish your workspace. Erect barriers to establish your privacy or a feasible environment for focus and productivity. Avoid eating at your work table! Invest in proper ergonomic chairs and tables, as well as a footrest.

2) Keep a proper work schedule. Being at home to work does not mean a 24/7 access to you. It is essential to avoid burn-out. Be clear with your HR or managers regarding your work hours.

3) Make work and life balanced through boundaries. Since you are at home, you need to communicate well you’re your friends and family that your presence at home should be respected during these work hours to avoid distractions.

4) Fight your online distractions. Turn off non-work related notifications to power through your day wisely.

5) Dress for the day! Don’t get too comfy. Self-respect will make you a productive remote worker. Brush your teeth, groom or put on a bit of make-up, get out of your pajamas, adjust your morning routine as if you are still headed for work-work.

6) Go get nesting. Plants and pets are personal preferences but having them positively boosts your mental and physical well-being to counteract sitting in front of your laptop all day.

7) Tech tools are remote work’s best friends. Dropbox, Google Calendar, productivity apps, mindfulness apps, collaboration platforms, etc. Embrace technology efficiently. Use them as helping tools but don’t let them consume you.

8) Communicate with the outside world. Make extra effort to communicate with your colleagues, bosses, team members through one-on-one calls through phone or video to still have that rapport and human connection, especially when your work is very independent.

9) Refresh with nature and listen to your body. This is the type of distraction that is best with remote work to refocus.

10) Diversify your work environment. If you can, find another spot aside from your home to work from. 

Go deliver! Meet your deadlines and continue to be a great team player. No man is an island.

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