Updated on 13 January 2021

We strongly support your privacy and firmly believe that protecting your privacy is vitally important. This privacy policy will inform you of your privacy rights and the legal penalties you face if you violate these rights. Please review the Privacy Policy for any information collected.

1) Introduction
2) Definitions and Interpretations
3) Scope
4) Privacy Policy Updates
5) Collection of Information
6) Your Rights
7) Limitations of Use
8) Purpose and Use of Information
9) Security
10) Links to Third-Party Sites
11) Acquisitions and Reorganization
12) Exercising Rights with Respect to Personal Data
13) Payment
14) International Transfer of Personal Information
15) Governing Law and Jurisdiction


1) Introduction
GoHuntr is controller for the collection, use and retention of personal data pursuant to this Privacy Policy unless otherwise stated in a separate agreement.

Our Privacy Policy details how we collect, use, and disclose the Personal Data you submit when you use our online and/or mobile websites, applications, services, and software.

2) Definitions and Interpretation
Throughout this Privacy Policy:

Advertisement refers to any advertisement placed, or sought to be placed, on the website;
Advertisers mean any person placing or seeking to place an advertisement or any other content on this website;
Applicable laws is meant to cover all applicable national, state, local and municipal legislation, regulations, statutes, by-laws, and other laws and any other instrument or direction from officials having the force of law as may be issued and in force from time to time;
Employers are hiring human resources or talent agencies looking for job seekers to fill their vacancies;
Job hunters are people looking for employment, services, and more related to their professional careers;
Job listings such as employment listings or job ads means available employment opportunities or seeking to make available information about employment openings;
Personal Data means any information relating to individual Users, including a User’s name and contact details such as email address and telephone number, information to enable us to check and verify a User’s identity, location data from mobile devices and a User’s billing information, transaction and payment information and history;
Privacy Policy represents the privacy policy;
Terms of Use, the terms you agree to when you use the Website;
User can mean any user of or visitor to the Website, whether active or passive, including job-hunters, employers, recruiters, or advertisers;
We, Us, and Our refer to, our website’s operator;
Website means and any subsidiary or related pages; the words ‘including’ and similar should be construed without limitation; references to a ‘person’ includes a natural person, legal person, a firm, a body corporate, an unincorporated association, or an authority, and such entities’ legal successors; a word that suggests one gender includes all genders; a singular word includes the plural and vice versa; and headings are for convenience only and do not affect the interpretation of this Privacy Policy.

3) Scope
This Privacy Policy covers only the types of data collected through the Sites, and not any other data collection or processing, including any third-party operators of web pages to which the Sites link, any information that we collect offline or through any websites, products, or services that do not display a direct link to this Privacy Policy.

We sometimes refer to this Privacy Policy in various notices on the Sites, including special purpose web pages and mobile applications, where you are invited to submit ideas for improving the Sites. This privacy policy may be amended at any time.

4) Privacy Policy Changes
Please review the “Updated” legend on top of this page to determine when the current version of our privacy policy was last updated. All revised versions of this Privacy Policy will be effective as soon as they are posted. By using the Sites or submitting personal data to us, accept any future changes to our privacy policy. If GoHuntr uses Personal Data collected through the Sites in a manner different than stated at the time of collection, then the Site will notify users via email and/or by post a notice on the applicable Site for 30 day prior to such use.

5) Collection of Data
For us to ensure compliance with Applicable Laws, you will be asked to provide personal data from time to time. We will maintain your information and will process it in accordance with this Privacy Policy and Applicable Laws.

5.1 What information do we collect?
Across the Sites, we acquire information:
– you choose to provide to us through our sites, such as contact information, employment history, and location data.
– by using our Services (e.g. the information you access through your device, searches you run, jobs you click on;)
–  when applying for jobs, use screener or assessment questions or automated phone screening, or log in from third party sites, and;
– where you use services that are considered to be chargeable services, e.g., for verification purposes.

5.2 Why do we collect this specific information?
We use your information to help job seekers find jobs, to help employers find candidates, and to provide and improve our services to job seekers and employers. We use your Personal Data, where applicable, to the following:

• create an account with us and send you relevant information;
• provide you with relevant search results and job recommendations;
• help the candidate with informational interviews, job search, and application and interview processes;
• have your resume made publicly viewable to third parties, depending on your privacy settings;
• match job seekers with available job openings;
• prevent fraud, spam and other fraudulent or illegal activities;
• to facilitate payment for services;
• perform automated processing so that our services can be provided;
• provide Job seekers with Job search advice and employers with resumes from our affiliates; and
• improve our services, protect users, and maintain product quality.

5.3 Who does this information go to?
Your information is shared with:

• GoHuntr’s affiliates;
• Employers and Job Seekers (e.g., if an employer decides to hire a Job Seeker);
• Third party service providers, such as a data storage company for our records, or software designers for fraud detection.

5.4 How long do we keep your personal information?
GoHuntr will hold your personal data for as long as necessary to provide our services or you request that we delete it. We may be required to keep certain information for legal reasons. If you want us to delete your Personal Data, please make a request to delete it.

6) Your Rights
GoHuntr takes privacy very seriously. We provide data protection right standards to all our users worldwide. You have the right to access your Personal Data, to request deletion of your Personal Data, have the Personal Data transferred to another data controller, and the right to object to certain processing. If you give us your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time.

6.1 You Provide Information to GoHuntr.
– From Ones Account
Data is collected on our websites such as creating an account, requesting information, subscribing for a service, participating in a survey, posting a rating or review, posting a question or answer, posting a CV, completing an assessment, uploading content, or otherwise submitting information to us. All of this includes, but is not limited to, your username, password, first and last name, email address, telephone number (including mobile phone number), street address, gender, occupation, interests, messages you send to users, and any other data that is included in a submitted profile or CV, including recruitment and application materials. This information is linked to your account.

On GoHuntr, you may provide your specific location data that will be used to specific Job Listings that are more relevant to your location. GoHuntr seeks your consent before making such a provision, and only process your data in cases where consent is obtained.

If you create an account with GoHuntr, we may create and assign an identifier to your device. That number like account number could be created. We may collect the information you have provided such as your name, phone number, address, and other information, such as username, email address, and zip code.

– Via Your Use of the Sites
As part of the standard operation of the Sites, GoHuntr may collect and analyse information provided through your computer or mobile device as well as your interactions with the Sites, including your CV, your searches, the titles of jobs you search, click on or apply to, where those jobs are located, your salary interest or experience, the general salary range or experience level of the jobs you view (where indicated), the Job Listings you apply to, the date, time and type of your activity on the Sites such as how often you update your CV or look for jobs, session activity, browser type, operating system, type of device, mobile device advertising identifier, MAC address, IP address, and any of your other behaviour on the Sites.

For employers, this also includes actions taken with regard to a job posting, such as pausing, or closing a job posting, or opening, viewing, or responding to a job posting, or deciding about a job posting.

– When Disclosing Employer Information
If you are engaged as a recruiter, you may be asked to verify your account. This information may include your trade license copy, your VAT registration, your office address, the name and email address of your employer. This information will be used for internal purposes only, and likewise may be made available to the government if necessary.

– Using Chargeable Service
When you use our services, we will also collect your payment information (e.g., the last four digits of credit, debit, or other payment card numbers and related verification information). Please note that GoHuntr only holds the last four digits of payment cards in its system and does not store payment card numbers or related codes.

6.2 When you Apply for a Job in GoHuntr and Access GoHuntr Through a Third-Party Website.

– While you are Logged Out or After Using GoHuntr from Third-Party Sites
You may also log in to your GoHuntr account or create an account on third-party websites like LinkedIn or Facebook. If you choose to log in to GoHuntr using your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google account, the GoHuntr system will create an account using the same email address used in those platforms. If you log in with this authenticator, we will authenticate you and redirect you to To remain authenticated, please remember that when you log in to GoHuntr using your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google account, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google will record the fact that you are logged in.

By signing in with your LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google account, you agree that GoHuntr will share certain data with these companies for the purpose of enabling you to access GoHuntr. You may stop this on any of your various social media accounts from anywhere. This information will be used to determine the use of your accounts and your access to services.

You can disable the connection between LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google and your GoHuntr account at any time by accessing your privacy settings on any of those platforms. LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google may also ask for your name, profile picture, public profile information, and email address, which will be shared with GoHuntr. Once you agree to share information, GoHuntr will receive it. This information will allow us to provide service to you, among other things. Your shared information will remain on your profile until you do something to change or delete it.


– GoHuntr for Chrome and our Mobile Software
GoHuntr may collect information regarding what websites you visit through the built-in browser on your mobile device. This can include information about your job listings, notes or application statuses that you submit, save, or update, or data regarding how you engage with websites or other actions you take on websites, such as URLs of websites you visit. Our system will suggest information from your posted GoHuntr profile and see whether you make changes to those suggestions, but not the changes themselves. We provide this service to allow job seekers to keep track of employment listings of interest, to detect a job application to automatically fill out parts of the form using GoHuntr’s CV, or to confirm an application. GoHuntr for Chrome also allows Gohuntr to learn about what types of jobs and GoHuntr product features are of interest to you, so that we can provide you with improved Job Listing searches, Job Listing recommendations and product features.

– When You Post a CV on Third-Party Job Sites
When you apply for a job, we may also keep track of your application status, such as whether your application reached the interview stage, whether you were selected for the position, and whether you were offered a job. This information helps us understand how our sites and their features are impacting GoHuntr.

6.3 Any Other Non-Identifying Data Received from Third-Parties.
Any information GoHuntr receives from third party sources, including data collected by third-party advertisers on GoHuntr, will be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy and all applicable laws.

6.4 Storage of Your Information.
GoHuntr offers the service to store your personal data as it is necessary to provide the services or until you ask to delete your personal data.

We are also required to keep certain information in accordance with local government regulations. GoHuntr can store your information on its own devices or on the devices of third parties that they have a relationship with. Safeguards will be implemented to protect the stored information, as required by the applicable rules.

6.5 What Personal Data is Required.
You will be notified at the point of provision as to whether or not particular Personal Data is required in order to provide certain GoHuntr services or features to you. If you are not willing to provide the necessary personal data, then the particular feature or service may not be available to you.

6.6 How GoHuntr Collects and Processes Your Personal Data.
GoHuntr collects your Personal Data on the basis of different legal grounds, and different types of processing, depending on the Personal Data involved.

– Performance Pertaining to a Contract
Some of the Personal Data processed by GoHuntr is done so it is necessary for us to perform our agreement with you, or in order to take steps before our agreement with you.

– Legitimate Interest
A second reason GoHuntr relies upon in processing your Personal Data is its legitimate interest in retaining and utilizing your data for its own sake. Examples of such legitimate interests include where GoHuntr sends you marketing about our products and services, or where we believe you have a reasonable expectation that we will perform a particular type of processing on your behalf, or with GoHuntr affiliates. GoHuntr shall only rely in areas where an assessment has been performed balancing the interests and rights involved and the necessity of the processing to provide our services, products, and features to you.

– Maintaining Compliance with a Legal Obligation
A third ground relied upon for certain types of processing is that it is necessary to allow GoHuntr to comply with a legal obligation. An example of this would be requiring GoHuntr to keep their records for a fixed period of time such as to maintain local requirements.

– Consent
Most of the times, you give your consent to GoHuntr to process your personal data. We consent to processing at the time we provide it, and that consent will only be given where it is secured. You may terminate your consent at any time, as stated in our Privacy Policy.

7) Limitations of Use

7.1 Where a Job Hunter Wants to Close a Job Hunter Account.
When a job hunter closes a job hunter account, the job hunter will no longer have access to any of the data we make available under that account, including but not limited to, search history, job search preferences, saved jobs, jobs the job seeker has applied to, CV, and any other information associated with the account. If the job hunter uses the same email address to create a new account, data from a previous account will not be accessible. You will also be unable to gain access to some of our products or utilize GoHuntr’s feature if you close your job hunter account.

GoHuntr reserves the right to keep any materials in a closed account as necessary to preserve and protect its rights, to the extent permitted by law, or to comply with its obligations under local law (for example, if requested to retain by law enforcement). An account that is closed may not have deleted data, however, it will not be readily available under the job hunter’s original account. When the job hunter presses the close account button on the dashboard, the job will be completed within 240 days and was completed within 300 days.

7.2 Where an Employer Would Like to Disable an Employer Account.
Employers have the right to disable an account at any time by adjusting the settings on the account or by contacting us through our Contact Us page. It is required by law that GoHuntr must retain its records related to that account for our records. If an employer wishes to access or purge their Personal Data stored by GoHuntr, they should follow the steps as listed in this Privacy Policy.

7.3 Where a Job Hunter Wants to Delete an Application for a Certain Job.
If a potential employer wants a job hunter’s application to be removed, they should contact the job hunter directly for it to be removed. For job applications which you, the job hunter submit through GoHuntr to an Employer, (with related materials submitted), please note: 1) that your applications and materials may be controlled by an Employer and 2) we may direct you to that Employer for Personal Data deletion requests where that Personal Data is held by that Employer.

7.4 When the Employer’s Contact Details Provided to GoHuntr Are Incorrect.
GoHuntr requires the Employer or the Employer’s manager to provide all applications with the correct destination. If the electronic address to which you mail your application materials is incorrect, your materials will not be delivered to your intended recipient by the intended mail carrier. GoHuntr is not liable should applications be accepted. If you refuse to electronically deliver your application materials, you should mail them directly to the Employer.

7.5 Minimum Age of our Users.
Under eighteen or minors are not permitted to enter the site. However, data pertaining to individuals under the age of eighteen must abide by certain laws.

8) The Purpose, Uses, and Disclosures of Information
Using your Personal Data, we may use it for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy, to the extent applicable. GoHuntr will use your job hunter profile information as part of the activities described in this GoHuntr Privacy Policy. GoHuntr publishes various information to help job seekers and employers match jobs and people. We use your personal data to:

1. provide our services to help job hunters by searching job postings, and employers by searching job candidates;
2. to analyse existing services, products, and features to improve them;
3. to protect our users and provide user support.

8.1 Sends you Job Alerts and Other Promotional Materials via E-mail.
GoHuntr may use the information you provide to us, including your contact information, for the following purposes: (i) creating an account; (ii) sending you Job Alerts; (iii) sending you Invitations to Apply for a job through GoHuntr; and (iv) sending you information about the Sites including by displaying our promotional materials to you on third-party sites. GoHuntr may use third-party vendors for certain performance activities.

A Job Alert is an email containing listing of jobs that you subscribe to when you run a job search query. A job alert is one type of job alert which contains information on open jobs and resumes. Job Alerts may also include jobs that we think you would be interested in, companies you would be interested in following, or other actions you would be interested in taking on the Sites. The frequency of Job Alerts may be adjusted by GoHuntr on the Sites.

We may use your information to provide you with targeted ads and other content based on your previous ads on third-party sites. These ads will be for Sites services, products, and features, all of which help job-hunters and employers meet and find each other. You have the opportunity to decline receiving any marketing messages from the Sites by not opting in to receive such messages.

8.2. Giving you Relevant Search Results and Recommended Jobs.
In order to optimize our services, products and features for you, we may use your previous search and browsing history (e.g. the jobs you click on), or application materials and answers to screener questions, to identify you, determine relevant search results and reach out to you about jobs you may be interested in. We may collect and use data regarding your online behaviour for the purpose of tailoring your experience on the Sites and displaying content according to your preferences. It is possible that we may return different results for the same search query depending on the interests of our users.

8.3 Your Contact Information.
When you provide us with information, such as your name and contact information, such as your address, you agree that we may use this information to the extent applicable in this Privacy Policy. You understand that we may communicate with you or contact you through your account or through other means such as email, telephone (including mobile phone), text message or any kind of postal mail. This includes communications where you include your personal contact information or where we obtain such information from third parties. We may also use information about our users to better understand our users and improve our products and services.

8.4 Your CV Information
Your Personal Data and contact information gets placed on the site when you upload or edit your cv, which becomes part of your job hunter profile. We reserve the right to charge third parties for obtaining or accessing information from us, including Personal Data. At your request, you can permit a third party to send your CV to employers you apply to. We may use information in your job search profile on third party job sites to offer suggestions to you in your job search. The extent to which your information is provided to third parties depends on your privacy settings; your information will only be provided to the extent the privacy settings permit. When you create a profile on GoHuntr, you may choose to have your CV made public, and the CV can be changed at any time.

– Personal CVs
Only available to those to whom the job hunter has initiated contact, through an application or CV submission. When you place your CV online, you make your name and other Personal Data available to the public. Individuals may be interested in you as an employee and your file may be passed onto other third parties.

– Public CVs
The public CVs are out there for anyone to access. This includes every user of GoHuntr’s CV Search product, and anyone with access to your public GoHuntr CV, such as search engines and other third parties that may crawl our Site. This visibility is offered to help you find a job.

By uploading or sharing your CV on our Site, you are authorizing GoHuntr to publicly share your CV’s contents, including your name and any other Personal Data that you may include in it, on the Site.

Our CV Search tool enables employers to find job seekers’ resumes and search public resumes. By posting a public resume you permit GoHuntr to make your entire resume public, and to allow employers to see if you were recently active on the website, your work readiness, and your available contact methods. If you submit a CV and set it to public, you authorize GoHuntr to screen your CV and list it in our CV Search product. Your contact information may be removed from certain public CVs, like when you are using our CV Search product without a subscription. Employers will be able to see your resume but we don’t share your contact information with them until they ask to contact you. Either way, employers may still contact you, but not over the Internet. You authorize GoHuntr to share any CV that you upload as being public to any employer that you express interest in.

GoHuntr prohibits unauthorized scraping of its Site although non-GoHuntr third-parties may scrape content from GoHuntr’s Site for their own purposes.

GoHuntr may also provide browser extensions enabling Employers to better interact with Job Hunter, and tools that allow Employers to download applicant information and enhance and transfer it to third parties engaged to process information, such as recruiting systems and other recruitment tools. Employers are solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws that relate to their disclosures of information to GoHuntr and other third parties, including any obligations Employers have to restrict how others interact with CV information downloaded from our Site.

– Changing Your Job Communications Settings
When you upload your CV to GoHuntr, it will be viewable by all on the public page. You may edit your privacy settings at any time by contacting GoHuntr. Where you adjust your CV from public to private, GoHuntr does not warrant how often third-party search engines will update their caches, but they have no guarantees that your information will not continue to be used. If someone saves your CV while it is public, that employer may retain access to the CV even after you change the CV to private.

8.5 Responsive Job Seekers with Employers.
You agree that GoHuntr may use the words in the entirety of your resume or resume of any other person to improve the Sites or any of our other products or services (including by displaying or otherwise making available potentially relevant job descriptions and CVs to Job Hunter and Employers).

GoHuntr may also provide Personal Data collected to other organizations with a shared interest in contacting the consumer. By applying to a job, responding to a screener message, sharing your contact information with a Job Listing, or sending an employer a message, you are consenting to the disclosure of your information to the employer. GoHuntr may provide the results of any GoHuntr Assessments you complete to potential employers as an indication of what you can do for them. GoHuntr may pre-populate application information for you and for similar purposes provided through your CV.

If you have an account or a hosted CV, then you agree that we can suggest your account or CV to potential employers who might be interested in a person who matches your activity on your CV.

8.6 Optimizing Job Campaigns.
When Job Hunters click on a Job Listing or apply for a job on our Sites or on a third-party website, including an Employer’s website or a website operated by an Employer’s applicant tracking system, GoHuntr may collect certain information through this feature about Job Hunters and any actions taken while on the Sites, as detailed in this Privacy Policy. GoHuntr uses this information to gauge the effectiveness of our Sites, and to enable us to identify when Job Listings are performing optimally.

8.7 Sending Messages on GoHuntr.
GoHuntr provides two-way communications services for the users of our GoHuntr products, you agree that you are using our services to send these messages for you. It includes all materials regarding your application such as your CVs, cover letters, applications responses, and other materials. GoHuntr allows the sender of a message to notify the recipient that the message was viewed. GoHuntr may provide the sender and recipient of a message with information that may assist them in determining whether the sender or recipient has recently been active on the Site.

We handle, process, monitor, review, store and analyse such content, which may include Personal Data, including via automated means, for data analysis, quality control, enforcement of the Sites’ rules and policies, content moderation, and to improve GoHuntr products and services. Examples of such improvements would be improving e-mail delivery, our search results, job listings, enabling applicants to manage their applications once they have been submitted, preventing fraud and spam, and providing you with personally relevant product features and communications. As a result of certain technical problems, or due to certain circumstances, some recipients may receive this message late or not at all. Gohuntr may, but is not required to, notify you of an event.

8.8 Preventing Fraud and Spam.
GoHuntr may use information collected pursuant to the provisions of this Privacy Policy to help diagnose problems with the Sites and our products and services, to prevent potentially fraudulent or illegal activities, and to protect individuals from such activities. GoHuntr may investigate and disclose information from or about you or your use of GoHuntr if we have a good faith belief that such investigation or disclosure (a) is reasonably necessary to comply with legal process (including subpoenas, search warrants, court orders) and law enforcement instructions and orders; (b) is helpful to prevent, investigate, or identify possible wrongdoing in connection with the use of the Sites; or (c) may protect our rights, reputation, property, safety, or that of the public; or (d) as necessary to meet national security requirements.

We may implement a variety of methods to detect and address anomalous activity and screen content for malicious intent including spam, phishing, and hacking. However, such methods are not always accurate and some may have false positives. These measures may, occasionally, result in temporary suspension or permanent termination from using some of the site’s features.

8.8 Preventing Fraud and Spam in Emails.
We reserve the right to drop messages that we deem are not consistent with our policies and our terms of service. GoHuntr also reserves the right to conduct investigations to determine whether you are perpetrating fraud on the Site, whether you are engaging in spamming and/or whether you are otherwise engaging in fraudulent activity. We reserve the right to turn over any information we obtain to law enforcement officials if we have a good faith belief that you are violating this policy or our terms of service.

GoHuntr reserves the right to confirm the identity of any sender corresponding with an email. This includes but is not limited to verifying the authenticity of an email sent from an employer on a particular job listing.

8.9 Overseeing Payment.
If you submit your credit, debit, and/or other payment card number for payment processing, we will only use such information to complete your payment (e.g., the last four digits of credit card numbers and related verification information). Any credit, debit, or other payment card and related billing and payment information that you provide to us may be shared with third parties for the purpose of assessing your credit score, processing a payment, or servicing your account.

8.10 Automatic Processing of Personal Data.
To improve the performance of the Sites, we process personal data about users to evaluate specific aspects of their performance. We use automated analysis to make predictions about a user’s interests and preferences. Where it occurs, such processing is carried out if it is necessary for the performance of our agreement with our users, to allow us to provide our services to Job Hunters and Employers, including analysing applications and CVs on behalf of Employers, or in other cases on the basis of a user’s consent.

8.11 Sharing your Information with Our Affiliates.
The information you share with GoHuntr may be shared with an affiliated entity to provide you with services, to help improve the Sites, and optimize their functionality. Such participation strengthens our ability to help Job Seekers find jobs and Employers find great candidates. The services you receive from the website cannot be provided without third party synchronization. You do not want your personal information shared this way, so don’t use these services.

– Greater Services
As an affiliate, Job Hunter gets improved, personalized content, performance, features and service. Giving data to others is also important for analysis, testing, research, and service improvement. This sharing also improves employers’ understanding of how their job listings are performing. By allowing employers to make use of our platform, it will help them to create more job postings.

– More Employers, Better Job Listings, and More Job Hunters
Such data sharing allows both job hunters and employers to access an even broader database of job listings and applicants, and for both of them to gain access to even more applicants. It enables applications and facilitates the display of jobs from the various sites to affiliate’s webpages.

– Improved Security for Users
By using our services, you agree that GoHuntr and our affiliates may process your Personal Data for the purpose of internal operations, troubleshooting, fraud prevention, and detecting and preventing spam.

8.12 Information Shared with Employers.
GoHuntr takes Job Hunter’s personal data to the employers on Job Hunter’s request. People seek these transfers in multiple areas during the job search, application, interview, and selection process. The data will be processed in accordance with the terms of the employer and the terms of the privacy policy. Job hunters applying through GoHuntr may be forced to send their personal data to countries with lower standards of data protection.

Employer account holders agree to comply with their responsibilities under applicable data protection rules to ensure the proper protection of all personal data, and to comply with all applicable data protection rules.

8.13 Transfers of Information to Job Hunters.
GoHuntr sends information pertaining to employers to job hunter. This includes posting jobs on our websites, posting job listings on third-party websites, and publishing job advertisements. GoHuntr may provide information about an employer to job searchers to help them evaluate a job opportunity. This information may include the employer’s name, their location, whether they have taken action on the candidate’s CV, such as opening, viewing, responding to, or deciding in regard to it, whether they have engaged with other candidates or viewed other candidates’ CVs, and whether they have taken action on a job posting, such as pausing or closing it. As a user of the Sites, you consent to GoHuntr releasing information about you to Job Hunter.

8.14 Transfers of Information to Service Providers.
We may use third-parties to provide certain services, to improve the Sites and our services, products, and features, to better understand our users and to improve their experiences. Service providers have access to data when they provide services. Transfer of such information may occur abroad.

– Enhancing our Services
The third parties may track how you use the site, which links you click on, and how long you spend on the site. The information we obtain enables us to create and improve our services for user satisfaction. These third parties may use cookies and other technologies to collect data on how you use the website and devices you use.

– Ensuring Quality and Safety
GoHuntr may share your personal data with other GoHuntr providers to protect our users and better maintain the quality of our services, products and features provided to you.

– Enabling Payments
GoHuntr may also share any credit, debit, or other payment card and related billing and payment information that you provide to GoHuntr with companies who work on GoHuntr’s behalf, such as payment processors and/or credit agencies, solely for the purposes of checking credit, effecting payment to GoHuntr and servicing your account.

– Storage
Please be aware that we may also use third-party cloud services that offer hosting, data storage and other services for standard terms and conditions. We have been informed or the general public that these providers are using security measures that they consider adequate, or that they are well known for using such measures. However, we will not be liable for any damages that may result from the disclosure of any information, including Personal Data, by these companies.

8.15 Transfer of Public Information.
When users post content on the Sites in a manner which makes such content publicly available and searchable, GoHuntr reserves the right to aggregate and share this information with third-parties. We also reserve the right to involve third-party sources in our work.

8.16 Third-Party Sites Linked from GoHuntr.
You may link to third-party websites or services by using our links. In all cases, the information you provide to a third party is provided to that third party and is subject to their privacy policy and terms of service.

9) Security
GoHuntr uses reasonable security measures to ensure a secure environment and protect against data loss and misuse. Any method of sending information over the Internet, or any method of storing that information digitally is not 100 percent secure. Additionally, please be aware that communications with other users via email, instant messaging, and similar means of communication are not secure. Therefore, while we strive to protect your information, you may not be secure with it. You should be aware that we might outsource some banking to a third party as detailed in this policy.

10)  Links to Third-Party Websites
The Sites may provide links to other websites owned by third parties. When you click on links added by us, you will leave our Properties. Your browser may reveal the URL of the Sites page you came from and this URL may include search terms and filter choices you had when you arrived. The websites may include third-party employer pages, which contain information provided by the third-parties.

We are not responsible for the collection, use, disclosure, or other privacy practices of any third parties, including our affiliates, third-party service providers, any employers, any third-party social media platform, any third party making available the devices or operating systems for which the sites are available, and any third party operating any website to which the sites make a link. You may have rights directly enforceable against these third parties so you should review their privacy policies to learn more.

11) Acquisitions and/or Other Reorganizations
Information you share with GoHuntr may be shared with third parties in connection with any change of ownership or control in the business, or other reorganization or joint venture, or assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or any portion of the business, assets or stock, and such information may be used by such third parties according to this Privacy Policy. Information collected in connection with the sale of GoHuntr, including Personal Data, may also be sold to one or more third parties, and may be disclosed to those parties in connection with any such sale.

12) Exercise Rights with Respect to Personal Data
As a user of the Sites, you are entitled to exercise the following rights. Please note, we may attempt to verify your identity by contacting the email address or telephone number associated with your use of the Sites. We reserve the right to deny your request if we are unable to satisfactorily complete this process. If you authorize someone to act on your behalf, then we may also deny your request, since we cannot prove that the individual requesting on your behalf is authorized to act on your behalf.

12.1 The Right to Rectify One’s Own Information.
Users of these Sites have the ability to edit and update most of their personal data on the Site in question. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us via our feedback form.

12.2 The Right to Object to or Restrict the Processing of a Person’s Personal Data.
If you have any question or complaint about how we collect and process your personal information, please contact us.

12.3 Exclude No Contact and Withdraw Consent.
If you wish to limit the contact you have with us, a variety of options are available to you.

If you wish to remove your name from a marketing email, click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of each email. Please note that you will not be contacted based on your opt-out choice.

You can adjust your job alerts, by simply clicking the “edit this job alert” button or an equivalent action You also have the ability to access and change your subscriptions through your account’s dashboard or contact us through our Contact Us page.

We will take care of it as soon as we possibly can, but we will comply with applicable laws. However, please note that we may still send you administrative messages, such as expiration notifications or renewal reminders.

12.4 The Rights of Access and Portability of Personal Data.
You have the ability to access most of your personal data on our websites, and if you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us. If you have more than one email address associated with your account, please submit the additional email addresses in the request so we may verify your identity.

12.5 The Right to Deletion.
Users of these websites have the ability to edit and update most of their personal data, and if you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact us through our Contact Us page.

Upon confirmation of your request, each Site will undertake the necessary steps to fulfil the request, such as the removal of Site accounts. Where the deletion request relates to Personal Data that you previously requested be made public on each Site (e.g. a Job Hunter posting a public CV), we will make reasonable efforts to inform any other controllers of this request. If a person has used more than one email address during site visits, please submit a subsequent request so that those emails may be deleted as well.

If you are seeking employment and have applied on the Internet, we urge you to contact the prospective employer directly to request that your application be deleted from the Site. Individuals seeking employment with GoHuntr are requested to consult the privacy policy they received prior to applying, or contact their recruiter for additional instructions on how to exercise their rights.

12.6 Withdrawing Consent.
For some types of information, we may ask for your consent to use it before we do so. You may withdraw your consent at any time. When you are using a mobile app that relies on GPS and location information, you can turn off your device’s location services at any time. For other services that require consent, we have a way to withdraw consent, via the workflow for that service. Although we have withdrawn your prior consent, any processing that we have carried out before will continue to be lawful.

12.7 Some Sweeping Generalisations.
In addition to the rights to rectification, objection, restriction, access, portability, and deletion, certain limitations are imposed. Individual requests will be completed within the specified time frame, which starts from our acknowledgment of your application. It is necessary to note that there will be a charge for additional requests for the same individual, which will be determined by GoHuntr and only imposed to the extent permitted by applicable law.

13) Payments
Credit card payments are processed by a third party which receives the credit card number and expiration date through an automated process. We do not collect or store any of our Users’ payment information.

14) International Transfer of Personal Information
Information from Users may be transferred to a country outside of the United Arab Emirates. The research may be conducted by members of our staff, or by staff of one of our suppliers.

You agree that we may pass your personal data on to third parties in countries where this data will be stored. As GDPR applies to our relationship with you, then whenever we transfer your personal data outside of the EEA or UAE, we ensure at least one of the following safeguards is implemented to protect your privacy:

14.1 We may transfer your personal data to countries that are deemed to provide a sufficient level of protection for personal data by the European Commission. For more information, please refer to the European Commission’s website on personal data protection in non-EU countries.

14.2 Where we transfer your personal data to countries that have not been deemed to provide an adequate level of protection for personal data, we will ensure that adequate safeguards for your personal data are put in place, such as specific contract clauses that have been approved by the EC, which give your personal data the same protection it has in the E.U. For a more detailed description: see European Commission: Model data transfer agreement.

14.3 Where appropriate we may be allowed to transfer personal information to countries that are not deemed to provide adequate levels of protection or where we do not have adequate safeguards. Please see European Commission: Working Party 29 Guidelines on Article 49 GDPR Derogations.

14.4 Where we share your data with a service provider based in the US, we may transfer it to them if they adhere to the European Union’s standard of protection for privacy. For more details, see the EU-USA Privacy Shield Agreement.

15) Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Under this Privacy Policy, the Terms, and the User’s access to and use of the Site, all governing law and jurisdiction are the laws of the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA). We and Users submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) so long as we have recourse to legal action against Users in any court or forum of competent jurisdiction.