Prepping Tips for an Interview

You’re feeling ecstatic as you’ve finally received a call for an interview. But you now have a million and one things on your mind as to what you should do.

First things first, here are what you need to prepare for your interview:
1) Review the profile of the company you wish to join. For sure you’ve already checked this when you sent your CV but check it again. This time, picture how you will fit in. It will give you a better perspective when answering interview questions.

2) Scan your wardrobe for your best business attire. You need to dress up for success. However, if you have nothing ideal for it, you may need to spend a bit of cash to buy either a suit or at the very least, a long-sleeve shirt and a pair of trousers. Remember, going for an interview is, in a way, an investment. Follow this link to check our tips on the perfect get-up for your interview. 

3) Go through your CV and remember the details you’ve put in. You wouldn’t want to stammer when asked about your CV or worse, mention something different from what you wrote.

4) Check if you need a haircut or a proper shave. Girls, you can tidy your hair up into a ponytail or a cute bun. Just make sure the strands are not blocking your face. Guys, as much as possible, present yourself with a clean shave. If you can spare time and cash, you might want to run to your nearest salon or barber shop.

5) Roleplay those Q&A’s. Research common interview questions and practice answering them in front of a mirror. Remember that the most common questions would circle around why they should hire you.

6) Get your terminologies right. Certain industries and positions have their unique set of terminologies, so make sure you know how to use these. This will make you sound more convincing. If you are aiming for a position that requires specialized knowledge, you may need to hit your books and review. 

7) Check for industry updates most especially if you are in the field of computer science or engineering. Technology gets updated very often, so make sure you are at the top of your game by constantly upskilling.

8) Find out where the location of the interview is.  HR specialists of big companies may conduct the interview in their main office, which may not be in the community you are targeting. Check how much time it would take to travel and plan accordingly. 

9) Be on time or at least 10-15 mins early. If your interviewer is situated in another country and opts for an online interview, make sure you are aware of the time zone difference. Need be, rent or borrow a room with stable internet connection and less interference.

10) Mentally prepare yourself. If needed, go for a walk and breath to clear your head. While on your own, give yourself some positive talk to build the confidence you need when entering that interview room. You want to be armed and ready to answer all the questions.

The reason you were called for an interview is because they saw something in your CV that spiked their interest. Now, you just need to make sure they not only see an interesting candidate but a perfect fit for their company. We wish you the very best of luck!

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