A melting pot of culture and an opportunity-diverse business hub. Despite being established only 50 years ago, the UAE is a country with a growth-sighted economy that has welcomed everyone on its shores.

Living and Working in the UAE

It is very easy to Google each of the seven Emirates’ information. But this country’s real character shines through with time – that is, if you get to live here more than just being a tourist. 

How is it to truly live and work in the UAE?

Tourist visa holders are not allowed to work. Foreigners need a residence visa to be provided by an employer. 

One must be medically fit. Before securing a residence visa, you need to pass a medical test. A passed security check then gives one an Emirates ID as part of the national identification system of the government. From here, you’ll be able to open a bank account, rent a home, get a phone line, etc.

Sure, the above sounds like a complicated process, but once you pass all this, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits and freedom – responsibly well-guided by laws, of living in this country. 

The UAE boasts of a multicultural workforce and the opportunities are vast. It is not all oil here. Every career option can flourish. You can get employment benefits such as airline tickets to home, housing allowance, consecutive days of paid leave, if you’re lucky – even your kids’ school fees are provided. Remote work, even pre-pandemic, has been boosted. Freelance visas have been more seamless. Entrepreneurship is encouraged. Language is not a barrier. Earnings are tax-free! This country does have its expensive reputation, but a lifestyle balance is all you need to survive. 

It is not just desert dunes and huge malls! This country boasts of mountains, beaches, forests, mangroves, and so much more wildlife and nature that you can discover if you make time for it. 

The upcoming Expo 2020. Despite the pandemic pause, it has opened profitable ventures and work prospects for many. 

Safety and the quality of living is given priority. So much that a Ministry of Happiness exists! It is very family friendly. 

The culture of the community keeps on growing and thriving. Different faiths are welcome. Wellness activities overflow to support the busy work life. Transport, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. has spoiled the residences with choice, quality, and speed. 

Moving to the UAE will broaden your outlook in life. It’s worth it. 

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