LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, has revealed the most in-demand jobs in the UAE this 2021. We at GoHuntr, encourage you to check out the list so you can adapt smartly and be on the know. 

Jobs on the Rise: UAE Edition 2021

Here are some of the jobs in no particular order.

1) Specialized Healthcare Professionals. At the forefront of the pandemic, medical professionals are much needed. The frontline of nurses and general practitioners helped stabilize the infection rate of the country and tackle it well. Registered Nurses, Medical Doctors, Clinical Pharmacists are just some of the job titles that saw more than 100% in hires.

2) Online Journalists. The UAE limited newsprinting to help minimize the spread of the virus. However, information was not kept in the dark, and media thrived online to continue to service information for people. In this field, there was a 58% increase in hires.

3) Digital Content Freelancers and Digital Marketing Specialists. The increase in online activity led companies to adapt their businesses to digital platforms from YouTube, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Creative Writing, to Video Production. There was a 200% increase in digital content-related jobs, 25% of them available for remote working. Likewise, there was a growth of 71% hired into Digital Marketing roles in 2020. Social media related roles showed some of the highest growth and continues on a steady growth path.

4) E-commerce Professionals. The UAE’s e-commerce businesses saw a wide array of online stores. The growth attracted new varied platforms and more investors. The average age for this field’s hires is 29 and 66% hold a bachelor’s degree.

5) Business Development and Sales Roles. The software and technology industries enabled digital transformation in the region. This resulted in a 74% growth in Business Development and Sales hires, 11% are remote roles.

6) Education Roles. The major shift to distance learning did not affect this field’s hires. Education continued to develop. Most common job titles that saw an increase: Second Language Teachers, Career Counselor, Curriculum Developer, Teaching Assistant, High School Teacher.

7) Financial Roles. The volatile economy and uncertain financial markets saw the need for expertise of financial professionals. The most needed skills and experience: Corporate Finance, Financial Modeling, Portfolio Management, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Trading and the common job titles were Corporate Finance Manager, Finance Business Partner, Equity Trader.

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