Store Supervisor

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Job Description

Supervisor has to follow up the material and staff in a proper way and complete given tasks during working hours in order to reach a high standard of good storage practice, cGMP and proper material handling while complying with company policy and warehouse SOPs.

Key Responsibilities & Accountability:     

  • Cross-checks received materials quantity wise, visually and ensures all details are matching the documents.
  • Informs manager for any damage, suspected problem and deviation.
  • Ensures adherence to the system and supervise subordinates for the same.
  • Cross-checks yellow quarantine label is sticked correctly and 100%.
  • Makes the required receiving or issuing documents promptly without any delay.
  • Resolves issues in case of deviation from the system to complete your work on the time frame.
  • Communicates with other departments to run operations smoothly.
  • Ensures that sample is taken by QC and the release is given on time.
  • Generates KPIs for your team and job tasks.
  • Finds other ways to improve process, work place, reduce wastes and motivate staff.
  • Monitors stock levels of your materials to avoid excess or stock outs and inform your manager for undesired high stock levels or stock outs.
  • Monitors different storage conditions and assure that materials are stored properly.
  • Ensures material location updating in system is done correctly.
  • Issues materials based on the given plan and ensure that stock is updated correctly & promptly while handling materials to operations.
  • Responsible for the follow up cleaning procedures, work place is neat, well organized and facility maintenance is performed when required.
  • Trains, guides, schedules, and monitors your subordinates.
  • Maintains the required documents, record and file them securely.
  • Performs stock verification, cycle counting and inventory taking as per the requirements.
  • Works with moving machinery and are exposed to chemicals, paper dust, noise and heat.
  • Ensures the security measures for the warehouse and enhance it.
  • Performs any other duties set by company policies, Management or his/her direct superior and not included in the above job description.
  • Attends when requested even out of duty hours and holidays.
  • Attends & understands training related to your job description.



  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy
  • Experience: At least 3 years’ experience in the same field.


Key Competencies:     

  • Excellent fluent English (reading & writing).
  • Highly analytical and logical.
  • Strong record-keeping and documentation skills.
  • Strong math skills.
  • A strong ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Proficient with MS Office and other computer skills.
  • Judgment and Decision Making.
  • Customer Service skills.
  • Time management skills.

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