Change is the only thing consistent in this world. The start of the pandemic was highly volatile affecting the hiring and acquisition landscape. Covid-19 changed all expectations for normalcy in different industries. However, the rise in inoculations across the globe helped businesses regain their footing. 

Job Trends for the Year 2021

Here’s what we think will be some of the most sought-after job opportunities that will pick up speed this year.

1) Generalist or Hybrid Roles. While the recession affecting businesses due to Covid-19 will require businesses to regain control by keeping specialist employees. The volatile nature of the landscape has also let businesses soften their hiring cycle by preferring generalist professionals.

2) The Digital World. The shift to e-commerce and all things online has made companies adapt by way of requiring Digital Marketers that include experts in SEO and SEM, Google Adwords, CRM, etc. This will continue to increase in 2021. The virtual world will continue to thrive; thus jobseekers will be successful in this field with constant market research and skills development. The digital world is not limited, creative professionals will most especially thrive in the virtual world while everyone turns online.

3) Data is King. No matter the industry, the handling of applications data must be streamlined and organized well to be well-visualized. Successful business strategies have a backbone of an organized data ecosystem. Data science will be on this forefront. Further data complexities will continue to rise in technologies like blockchain and business analytics. This will lead to expansions in hiring in these fields.

4) All things ‘Smart’.  From smart phones, smart homes, smart cards, smart cities – artificial intelligence married with deep learning will continue to deliver technological wonders. This creates a huge need for professionals in data security. Parallel to this, most businesses will use these advancements to pair these digital comforts without forgetting to keep things ‘green’ and environmentally friendly. More and more industries will have to use this to their advantage. Robotics will continue to develop in government, healthcare, banking and public safety.

5) Sustainable Finance. The information regarding climate change cannot be forgotten or denied its existence. Look around you and more and more companies are going green, always including the environment in their campaigns, creating alternatives to plastic. The financial industry has leaned into reducing their investment portfolio’s carbon footprint. Sustainable Finance cannot stand alone and requires interwoven perspectives, thus there will be more possibilities of the need for engineers with finance understanding to continue to develop this path. 

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