Work is work is work. It’s the hand that feeds us. It’s a blessing. But sometimes, it can be a curse especially when it turns toxic that the salary you get, no matter how big or small, will never be enough to compensate for the ill feelings. Everyone is replaceable at work – that’s the honest truth. It is up to the individual to find work-life harmony, and to get there, is to quit being in-denial of toxicity.

If You Answer Yes To These Questions, It May Be Time To Find A New Job

If you answer yes to most of the questions, it’s not just a rough patch at work but sign to move on:

1) Do You Dread Getting Out Of Bed Every Morning? Have you pressed the snooze button more than thrice? Do you dread the endings of your weekends? Do you only look forward to holidays or weekends? Do you fake sick leaves? These are all clear signs.

2) Do You Feel That You’ve Learned Everything You Can? Do you feel that growth is done because you’ve learned all the nooks and crannies of the job? If you feel you’ve hit a dead end in your company, it’s time to seek wider horizons.

3) Do You Complain About Work More Often Than You Should? If work is the only thing you talk about even at home, and it’s all about trouble talk, it’s time to resign.

4) Do You Have A Toxic Work Environment? Is the environment full of cliques, abusive behavior, drama, etc.? Productivity will not be possible and authentic growth is difficult to achieve. Don’t be afraid to move on. Life is short for toxicity.

5) Are You Making More Mistakes Than Usual? If you notice that your performance has slid down, it might be because of your unhappiness. For everyone’s sake, it’s time for a fresh start.

6) Do You Feel Fulfilled? Work is more than a paycheck, it is a purpose and a passion too. If work feels like an obstacle, it’s not for you anymore.

7) Are You Getting A Decent Raise? If your work has increased yet your pay has remained the same, you are being undervalued especially if you have negotiated for this. Time to be valued in another environment.

8) Have You Thought About Finding A New Job? This is the most obvious reason. If you subconsciously find yourself browsing LinkedIn at work or saving job openings randomly or imagining different environments, it’s time to do the hard work of finding a new work.

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