In today’s job search climate, it is essential to stand out from the rest. Your CV gets you through the door, but how you sell yourself will get you a seat at the table.

How to Sell Yourself in 2021

1) Identify the demand landscape and where your skills will provide value. Because of the pandemic, some sectors like the travel and hospitality industry really took a hard punch. This means, some of the jobs you have been eyeing in other markets with more or less the same situation, may not be in demand. However, your skills will always be there even if the opportunities in one distinct career path may lack. All you need to do is identify your skills and expertise and go towards where the demand is. Your sales and marketing skills may not land you a five-star hotel reservation job, but it may lead you to closing deals with SEO, e-grocery or online-fitness platforms which are just some of the buzzing industries now.

2) Tailor-fit and repurpose your resume. Speak the language of the company you are eyeing and submit a CV that is truthful and highlights what you can contribute for them. Highlight your transferable skills and write exact experiences which can appeal to your new target market; specialize your qualifications and achievements.

3) Establish your personal brand. Yes, even your personal social media sites will play a very important role to sell yourself. You are your own product; you must be a total package. Present yourself well online. Create a short pitch about yourself. Expand your presence online if you must. Create a new online folio, include a short video along your CV.

4) Expect a remote video interview. Be brave and confident. Practice in front of your friends and family, those who love you enough to tell you your weak speaking points. Hone your verbal communication skills. Most likely, you will be getting remote interviews thus it will be done through video calls. Organize your set-up. Make sure you have good internet connection, a clear webcam, and a feasible environment.

5) Make 2020 your learning year. Everyone had a very difficult year when the pandemic started. You do not need to rehash this in your interview. Rather, use this as part of your selling point. What important lessons and experiences shaped you well enough to be a great contributor to a company, be insightful. 

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