You’ve lost your job, now what?

You are suddenly confronted with different thoughts and emotions. You find yourself wallowing in self-pity. You have become anxious about your finances. You fear what friends, family or even other people might think of you. Guess what? That is perfectly normal.

How to Recover When Faced with Job Loss?

To help you in your journey to recovery, you need to remember the following:

1) Pain is a great teacher, gain from it. We naturally avoid pain but pain is unavoidable. It is, however, one of life’s greatest teachers. It comes packed with lessons. Don’t let it destroy or consume you. Instead, let it mold you.

2) Take control of your time. You may have safeguarded yourself temporarily in the trenches, but as it is, the world goes round with or without you. You need to decide on a time to rejoin the bandwagon.

3) Learn from the winners. Seek out those who have already risen above similar circumstances and learn from them. Be inspired by their stories. Follow their footsteps.

4) Your situation may have pushed you to be a better you. You might have been scared to leave your comfort zone. Now is your chance to dig deep and ask what it is that you really want.

5) Take an inventory of your talents and skills. You may not have used many of these lately. Let these re-surface. Check how you can use these assets of yours to grow and gain success in a different arena.

6) Dream again. When you were a child, for sure you were a dreamer. It’s not too late. Retrace those dreams and set-out to achieve the most feasible one.

7) ‘Claim it!’. This is you taking control of your situation by believing that you can do what you intend to do. Start channeling all your resources into achieving what you have set to achieve.

8) When ready, act. There is something missing in the saying: ‘The early bird catches the worm’.  We need to add: ‘before other birds do.’ When you’ve decided on what to do, and when to do it, begin your journey without hesitation. Check our practical steps here.

9)Stay on course. Life’s previous pains may have put a reign on you. Despite this, stay on track. You will never know if victory awaits at the end of the line if you stop in the middle.

10) Always have a back-up plan. By this time, you would have learned that life may cause you to go off-track at any point. At least, the next time it happens, you are ready.

Life may kick you hard at times but if you get knocked down, rise back up. Turn your ‘setback to a comeback’, you’ll eventually come out stronger.

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