You’ve sent your CV and may have even gone as far as having a series of interviews. For days, however, your phone has never rung except when friends or family check on you. Your email account appears like a dry deserted land. Worse than that, you receive a confirmation with glaring words saying: ‘We have decided to move ahead with another candidate who we feel is a better match for this particular position.’

How to Face Rejections When Applying for a Job

The smile on your face has completely plateaued and is now slowly turning into a tiny mountain as if to match the little lump you feel deep down. 

Well, before entertaining a whole gamut of confusing thoughts and feelings, here are a few things you should know:

1) It’s okay. You are not the only one who has gone through rejection. Speak to friends and family about their job hunting days and for sure you will hear a lot of stories on the challenges they encountered before finding their dream job.

2) It’s all in the mind. You may find yourself wallowing in disappointment or self-pity.   The good thing is, as these are identified to be emotions, these only affect your state of mind. You can combat negative emotions by controlling and rechannelling your thoughts towards something positive.

3) Apply the ‘It’s not for you’ theory.  Somehow if you psych yourself up with this, you stop beating yourself for not making it. Whenever you find yourself sulking everytime you replay your not-so-good interview moments in your mind, comfort yourself with the thought of a perfect job out there for you.

4) Have a good laugh. Okay, maybe you could have done better with the interview. Instead of crying over it, just find humor in it. Don’t take yourself seriously. Let a laugh out. It will make you feel lighter, and you would be in a better position to start applying again.

5) Don’t see yourself less than the person hired. Yes, the other applicant may have been a better fit as he or she may have the character which matches the culture of the team/company. This does not mean, however, that he or she is better or wiser than you.

6) ‘Bring it on!’ Say that loud enough for you to hear every time you receive a rejection email. This helps position yourself mentally and emotionally to take the hits. Rule of thumb: the more hits you take, the more you will be able to handle.

7) Sharpen your swords. You may have been unable to answer the questions the interviewer threw at you on a certain subject. Instead of feeling miserable about it, spend time learning so you would  be better prepared for the next encounter.

8) Time to consider other fields. You may love picturing yourself in front of a classroom, teaching a brood of students. However, after trying for so long to attain a position in the academe with no success, it may be about time to accept that it’s not for you.  Perhaps you are better at writing. Who knows? You might be the next Dan Brown in the making. Just check your inventory of talents and skills, and explore all possibilities.

9) Learn from the Sales People.  Experienced Sales People have what they call a ‘batting average’. E.g., They have to meet at least 100 clients before they close a good deal.  Have the same mentality. Consider job-hunting as a numbers game. You have to send out a good number of applications before you hit a home run.

10) Be Like Dory the fish, and just keep swimming. As there is complete uncertainty in terms of the status of your applications, firmly decide to just keep going.  Have fun along the way. Enjoy the journey and learn from each step. Don’t give up just because you feel lost. If the fish found its way, why can’t you?

Life is like a box of chocolates. You’ll never know what you’re getting or what will happen next. Know that it is life’s many surprises that keeps us excited for more that it can give. Choose to keep opening life’s box of chocolates because as you do, you have more chances of getting the chocolate you want, which in this case is, the job of your dreams.

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