A quick scroll through our personal social media, not to mention Google, will already reveal personality details that will inform hiring teams to gauge whether a candidate is suitable for a role. However, there are deeper insights these platforms can reveal, sometimes to an unethical extent. 

How Social Media Data Secretly Reveals Your Personality To Hiring Managers

Let’s see how social media platforms fare, here are some examples from scientific studies:

1) Facebook. Algorithms in Facebook can show personality traits, vocational preferences, and work-related competencies. How a person digests FB information estimates their intelligence, curiosity and extraversion which can be linked to job performance and measure talent.

2) Twitter. Text is consistently linked to deep character dimensions. Natural Language Processing is shown to be a reliable source of AI to translate how people communicate and their personality. Used words by a person reveals calmness, trust issues, positive or negative views, etc. These reveal the dimensions of a person’s character that will influence his or her performance in his or her role at work.

3) Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. How people present visual content convey a lot regarding their verbal and non-verbal communication, their voice properties, facial expressions, that have strong associations with psychological traits such as emotional intelligence, empathy and social skills.

4) Spotify and other smartphones and sensing data. Music consumption, app usage and overall phone activity reveal core ingredients of talent – whether a person is confident, optimistic, risk-averse, and hard working. A study has even mined almost 18 million Spotify songs to correctly infer listeners’ personalities, moods, and behaviors. Although these signals are not yet used to determine people’s fit for a job, you could picture a near future in which more people pretend to listen to classical music or jazz (and delete certain pop songs from their playlist) in order to boost their personal talent bitcoin rankings. 

For candidates, it is best to do a clean-up of social media profiles specially to do a routine check and see how your drunken photos or political posts maybe used against your chances of being hired. This is not to say that people should not express themselves online, but because our social media profiles are at best equal to our CV’s if not more, conscious and mindful use is the best way to go. While even setting it in private will not really do much of a difference, try to study Digital Minimalism – this might just change your work-life balance.

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