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We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulties in accessing your account. There are 2 ways you can fix this from your end.
1) Try resetting your password by clicking on “Forgot Password” link. By entering your username or email ID, an email with the reset link will be sent to your email.

2) Try logging into the site you originally sign up with us. You could have log-in previously using your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google account, try signing up on either the 3 to help you access your account.

Your registered email ID is permanently tied up to your account which means that in order to use another email ID, you will need to register once more.

In order however, not to duplicate your accounts with us and cause you confusion, we recommend you delete your other account once your new one has been successfully created.

Its unfortunate to see you go however if you are really certain you want to delete your account with us, you may go to your dashboard and click on “Delete Profile” tab.

Please take note that once your account is deleted, you will not be able to reactive it. You will need to sign up once more for your account to be up and running.


When you create your account with GoHuntr, your profile by default is set to public. However, as a candidate, you have the option not to share your profile publicly to companies. You may go to “My Profile” and opt for No under “Profile for Public View”.

Security and Safety

Beware of illegal recruiters and agencies. We, at GoHuntr, strive to validate the authenticity of the companies posting on the site however this is not 100% bulletproof. We advise you to be always vigilant.

For our Filipino candidates, please check POEA website for the list of licensed recruitment agencies in the Philippines. 

Below are our tips to stay safe when looking for jobs on GoHuntr:

1)  Never share your financial details with anyone not even if they claim they are from GoHuntr.
2) Never transfer money or personal documentations outside of the country to process your visa.
3) Never pay for an application fee. It is illegal for recruiters to request a fee from job applicants in the UAE.
4) Be vigilant for any suspicious signs. For example are companies that are using free domains, errors in the grammar or spellings, and or job postings of attractive salaries without requiring any experience.

GoHuntr has a chat feature up and running however GoHuntr will never contact anyone via Chat or SMS to warn you regarding any disciplinary measures. We will only contact our users through the following email –

There might also be times when a phisher will send contact you by stating our name, our logo, or our website link, please don’t link on any. Always log in through GoHuntr directly without using any links. Always check for small padlock which you can find this next to the website address on your browser to make sure it’s a secure site.

The aims of these phishers is to get your details or credit card information. You will redirected to a website prompting you to enter your GoHuntr credentials or personal information. This will give them the full access to your account. NEVER fall prey to this!

If you suspect that you’ve been phished, don’t hesitate to contact our support team immediately through our Contact Us form. Our support team will take the necessary action and block the user’s account.

Job Alerts

If you would like to be alerted through email of any jobs that matches your criteria, you may create your job alert. We will be sending you job alerts according to the frequency you choose.

You can create this by first browsing through to our website and performing your search and clicking “Create Alert” option.

If you no longer wish to continue receiving our job alerts, you may open any email you have received from GoHuntr and in the bottom of the email, you can click the “Unsubscribe” button.

General FAQs

We know and understand how tough job hunting can be and at GoHuntr, we try our best to put up with the most update job listings there are in the market for you to have a wider reach.

GoHuntr is a platform provider where employers and candidates can connect and engage, we are not involved however in the hiring process. When a candidate applies for a job through GoHuntr, it is made automatically available to the employer without any prejudices or biases from us. We don’t interfere nor influence the decision making process. If the employer finds that your CV matches their requirements, they will contact you directly without the need to go through us.

Can’t still find what you’re looking for? Email us at
Someone from our team will get back to you within 12-24 hours.