The pandemic has taken a toll on all industries. Worldwide. Maybe you have been laid off, are on unpaid leave, or experienced salary reduction, try to understand that your struggle is valid, and that millions of people share this crisis with you. It is not because of your lack of skill, or laziness. The job seeking dynamics have changed.

Finding Work Amid Covid

To move forward, one can only try their best in adapting and practicing resiliency. There should always be a balance of hope and strategy, patience and determination, concrete plans and flexibility.

Team GoHuntr have listed some tips and advice to help you find a job during this pandemic.

1) Rewrite your resume. Fill in the gaps with honesty. Focus on highlighting your core strengths and achievements.

2) Make room for multi-skilling and upskilling. Take online classes. Get certifications. Employers will appreciate a multi-faceted team member. It will always be an advantage for you.

3) Continue to aim for jobs within your skill set as priority. However, be open that sometimes the need for these jobs have been filled-up or are too competitive; be flexible and mindful to go to another career direction with lots of job openings as the landscape is dynamic and ever-changing.

4) Ask for a reasonable salary. Of course, we all want high salaries and the amount we deserve, but with the current climate, we all need to accept that some job openings only offer an average salary. However, do not settle for a very low and unacceptable one, too. You will be able to discern this properly.

5) Continue to work on being tech-savvy. Study the current technology trends. Learn about productivity software. Download job marketplace apps to always be on the loop. Make social media your community’s help.

6) Seek out remote work and freelance gigs while you search for the full-time job that you want. You can read more about it here – Easy Side Hustles You Can Do in the UAE

7) Dabble in any art form in your free time. Be it writing, painting, singing, etc. You do not need to earn from this, you may be really bad at it, but your brain will thank you for it. It will help you deal with stress and worries that come naturally with job seeking.

8) Be optimistic. It really is challenging times, but the chances you get are reflective of the energy you give. Try to change your mindset from “There’s nothing out there for me!” to “What is for me, will be mine.”

9) Spend your time on GoHuntr where you can browse and apply for jobs!

We’re here for you!

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