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Company Description

PLAY ME Business Consultancy FZE comprises of a multi-activity business entity and highly reputed, 100% multi–discipline firm providing professional services in the field of Business Set Up or Company Formation, License Amendment or Cancellation, Document Clearing or PRO Solutions, and Providing Credible Legal Local Partner or Agent

Building on our successful track record in Servicing and Managing huge companies companies from Eastern to Western Countries, Asia and now Middle East when it comes to for PRO Solution Services, Business Set Up and Licenses Services, PLAY ME offers the following services:

  • Corporate & Individual PRO Services
  • Local Partner/Agent Sponsorship
  • Complete Business Set Up
  • Licenses Services


All PLAY ME staffs are trained professionals. Service is provided seven days a week at hours that correspond with our client needs. Our rates are comparable to or lower than those of other companies and we provide updates at no extra charge to you.

What is PRO Services?
PRO Services is commonly known as Document Clearing Services. PRO Services will act on behalf of our client between government department & the company transacting with any Government Departments. Impactt PRO Services is a team of world class, trained, professional and experienced Arabs individuals who’s dealing with Government Departments on behalf of the company.

Why you need PRO Services?

  • Huge Benefits of Outsourcing your PRO Services to PLAY ME Business Consultancy FZE.
  • Money Saving: We guarantee a considerable reduction in cost of your Document Processing and Clearing.
  • Time Saving: Enabling you to devote more time to your core wealth creation activities.
  • Dedicated Consultant & Legal Advisors: One point of contact for all services
  • Renewal Reminder Service: Our computerized client database system stores all essential information including all renewal dates for your licenses, visas, registrations. We act for you on time and avoid you incurring any penalties
  • Hassle Free Service: All your document processing is hassle free because we pick up and deliver document to your office after clearing from Government Departments of Immigration, Labor, Economic and Municipalities.
  • Free Updates: With us you are always up to date with all latest Government initiatives, rules and regulations.
  • Growth Partner: As a part of an international conglomerate we always have considerable resources at our disposal. We are able to match resources required to maintain quality of service you expect even when your business is growing at supersonic pace.
  • On Time Delivery: Guaranteed!
  • Transparent Service: You get detailed breakdown and receipts of all Government charges and expenses.