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Company Description

Academia Management Solutions International, AMSI have been dedicated to transforming the lives of students for over 35 years. AMSI schools have graduated over 7000 students and have been home to over 250000 students at one time or another. As parents, all we want is the betterment of our children’s education. As educators with a wealth of knowledge and international expertise, we have a daily quest for the betterment of our schools. As a management company that combines family values with a professional approach, we developed a sense of the urgency at both the schools level and the investor level; we became the solution provider we set out to be.

Spearheaded by an international advisory board, AMSI offers a bouquet of comprehensive solutions to investors, schools, and academic enterprises; ranging from turn-key solutions for those who require operational assistance in establishing K-12 schools that adhere to international standards in academic programs and service quality to highly specialized consulting services in areas such as School Management and Planning, Building Design and Development, Academic Solutions, and ICT Integration.