In the job landscape, recruiters acknowledge that hard skills are nothing without an employee’s soft skills, sometimes, even most important in a resume. What used to be black and white in employability skills are now introduced with gray areas that we need to take notice of. 

Employability Skills for 2021

Here are our top employability skills this 2021.

1) Emotional Intelligence. Learning how to manage your emotions and use it for efficient delivery of work and collaborating with a team of different personalities will make one succeed in this volatile landscape.

2) Time Management. With the rise and permanence of remote work. Working productively in the midst of a different environment with challenging distractions is a highly valued skill.

3) Creativity and Innovation. The evolving world always comes with new problems and issues to tackle and solve. A person who uses fresh approaches and original ideas will contribute advancements to a company to always be one-step ahead.

4) Continuous Learning and Agility. Employers love candidates who embrace learning new things and take complex challenges as learning platforms.

5) Collaboration. Remote work does not mean flying solo. Collaboration is a conscious effort for teamwork. Learn cross-functionally along with other departments to foster understanding and patience.

6) Complex problem-solving, critical thinking, and analysis. With the frugal use of company resources, adapting to new roadblocks, use of new technological solutions – an efficient problem solver is innovative and uses logic and reasoning backed-up by creative analysis leading to fresh possible solutions.

7) Knowledge of new social and digital media. This has more to do with the context of global connection and understanding the changing media landscape and how audiences respond to it. This helps build an adaptable communication skill as well as marketing know-how with the pulse to everything current and constant, change.

8) Flexibility and adaptability. “We’ve always done it this way!” is an attitude that will not succeed. New technology and new philosophies will always arrive, and successful candidates know how to stay rooted with their core personality, while still being able to ride the wave of necessary change.

9) Dedication. This does not just apply to staying in a company for long. It also means consistent hard work in terms of delivering a job well done. An employee that knows how to stick with quality despite difficult circumstances will not find it hard to succeed as a team-player. 

May you be able to adapt these skills to succeed!

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