You can still be employed in a job and be your own boss at the same time. Get over your pride and admit that extra income apart from your salary is practical and essential especially during this pandemic.

Easy Side Hustles You Can Do in the UAE

Here are legit side hustles you can do in the UAE:

1) Selling. Get an e-commerce license if you want to sell a variety of products online. Having a license eases you of your worries, provides start-up support and reaches a wider audience. Business agencies have provided cost-effective licenses. The initial cost will set you back, but the returns outweigh this. Or if you can’t just yet, do not forget that websites like Dubizzle exist where you can sell your preloved clothes, second-hand gadgets, furniture, etc. Community bazaars and flea markets are also good options. Discover your art and craft handmade possibilities.

2) YouTube. Content is king! Everyone has a story to tell. Shoot your own videos; find your niche. You get paid for ads, sponsorships, sell merchandise, be a Youtube partner, license your content to the media, etc. Don’t be shy! Get out there! If others have done it, so can you.

3) Blogging and e-books. Much like YouTube, blogging earns you money from paid ads, affiliate marketing, product promotions, etc. Write what you know and build a community of readers. You can also try to write books and publish it online and you earn commission on sold books.

4) Freelancing and tutoring. You can register on different platforms that offer different opportunities. You can be a virtual assistant, language tutor, writer, graphic designer, data-entry support etc. You can even offer lessons on painting, photography, fitness, etc. Several websites open up opportunities for you to reach out to potential clients that will benefit from your skills and knowledge.

5) Consulting. If you’re an expert in a very specific field, like nutrition, law, business management, digital marketing, create package rates and offer your expertise from the safety of your own home. The pandemic has made everyone a great teacher and a great student. There is still so much to learn out there.

6) Test websites and apps; answer online surveys. Yes, you can be paid just for your feedback and opinion. How neat!

7) Photography. If photography is your passion, this will be easy! Upload your best photos on stock photo platforms and get paid for downloads. 

It’s never too late to start your side hustle! Good luck!

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