The UAE job market is not equal to the country’s main topography. While the UAE is a vast desert, its opportunities are not dry, there are countless jobs available for people from different career backgrounds and talents. 

The main sectors that make up the UAE employment landscape include but are not limited to marketing, finance, procurement, sales, business development, logistics, construction, IT, telecom, engineering, hospitality, and tourism.

Dubai Salary Guide: 2021

In Dubai, the salary package range will of course be based on the job, skillsets required, and qualifications. Also, the company itself is one major factor for the salary range. 

Here are the most in-demand jobs and the salary range.

1) Accounting & Finance. The expected salary range for the accountancy and finance industry ranges from 10,000 AED to 26,000 AED per month. A finance manager’s salaries range from 14,000-36,000 AED per month.

2) Supply Chain & Logistics. Salaries start at 16,000 AED for supply chain managers and can go as high up to 70,000 AED depending on experience, skills, and nature of the job – of course, company as well. The average salary for this industry is around 35,000 AED per month.

3) Software Engineer. A software engineer earns an average of 20,000 AED per month in Dubai and can earn up to 50,000 AED.

4) Sales Managers. Sales managers earn approximately 20,000 AED per month. The expected salary ranges from 12,000-45,000 AED. The level of sales experience and years in this field directly impact the average salary.

5) Construction Managers. Dubai is ripe with construction needs even amidst the pandemic. As such, a construction project manager can earn on average a minimum of 35,000 AED per month. The minimum salary is 22,000 AED while the maximum is 55,000 AED.

6) Marketing Managers. The minimum salary for this position starts at 19,000 AED and can go as high up to 61,000 AED. A marketing manager can earn around 35,000 AED a month.

7) Bank Managers. The salary ranges from 6800 AED to 49,000 AED per month. Bank branch managers can earn 29,000 AED on average.

8) Retail or Business Development Managers. The minimum and maximum salaries for retail development managers range from 16,000 AED to 55,000 AED.

9) Human Resource Managers. A Human Resource manager can earn around 32,000 AED per month. Salaries range from 16,000 AED to 50,000 AED.

10) Telecommunications Engineer. A telecommunications engineer can earn around 12,000 AED per month.

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