In the past, most jobs followed a linear rise as years went on. An assistant would become an employee, and then a manager, and so on. It was similar to climbing a ladder. You might think that it is still the same now, but it is not.

Nowadays, people can switch jobs to find something they are better at, even if it is different from what they were doing before. These changes through the assumption of a career being similar to a ladder out the window. The lockdown played a role in this change. People used the extra time to discover careers paths they were interested in, or they used that time to pick up new skills.

Career Progression – A Contemporary Approach 

Should Companies Care?
They should; a company grows through its employees. A company stagnates if its employees never improve or try different things they could be better at doing. Currently, 95% of the employees want to quit their jobs. That is a massive number that companies cannot ignore. Why do people want to quit their jobs? There are various reasons, but a big one is not seeing any room for growth. People love improving their skills; LinkedIn even found that employees become 3x more focused if they can improve their skills through their job.

What Can You Do as An Employee?
Employees that do not have an environment where they can improve will be looking for better alternatives. However, finding a job is not an easy thing. Even if you do find one, quitting a job is also problematic. 

So, what can you do as an employee?

Make Use of a Level Playing Field
It is generally accepted that, other than experience and skills, the factor that affects your chances of getting a good job is contacts. The more higher-up people you know, the better the chances of moving higher up you have.

The process of finding a job became even more difficult because of the pandemic. But people used the lockdown to their advantage. How? 

They used the most level playing field to find jobs, the internet. There is no comparison between a person that has contacts and a person that does not. What you can compare, however, is two people with matching contacts.

It does take some courage to start searching for a job online because that means leaving what you have been doing. However, that means losing this opportunity if you are an employee. Employers are not better off because they can lose their employees if they do not grow and learn new skills. 

Embrace This as Fact
According to a survey, 80% of the CEOs considered teaching new skills to their employees their most difficult challenge. But research also shows that businesses that focused on helping their employees grow were the ones that were the happiest and focused.

Nowadays, to learn new skills, you gather information from various sources. Of course, you cannot force someone to research things outside their job. So, you find skills that they are interested in and meet them on their level. This way, your employees learn new skills, and your business grows through them.

Businesses should distribute the work in such a way that lets employees solve new tasks without wasting time. That way, your employees do work that they enjoy and learn new skills as they go, and the things you need for your business get done.

Companies have already recognized the benefits of lettings their employees discover their talent and passion. Sadly, many of them are still lagging in the process of implementing it into their business. That is understandable; this process is not something that you can do by offering a few training days.

Companies that have understood this topic and started working on their employees already will be the ones that come out on top in the coming years. 

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