Tips to Running a Great Meeting

Attending a meeting is never an easy task. It does not matter if you are the host or an attendee; everyone has a similar experience. Not only are meetings problematic to manage, but they are also only partially successful. extremely vital that we build a life beyond our jobs.

Toxic Positivity and How Can You Deal with It?

Most people reading this will have never heard of Toxic Positivity before and might be confused on how these two seemingly opposite words can be related to each other. However, Toxic Positivity can be just as bad if not worse than a regular toxic workplace.

How to Keep Your Employees Happy

With the economy recovering from the pandemic, millions of people have taken the opportunity to find a new job or start their own business. That means that the market is currently in the applicant’s favour.

Toxic Workplaces and How to Identify Them

A toxic workplace is similar to having a bad day. The difference is, instead of it being back to normal the next day, it repeats itself. That is not the worst part; a toxic workplace does not stop at the office. You think about it after clocking off, and it affects your personal life. So, how can you identify a toxic workplace?

5 Ways to Manage Workplace Stress

Having a job is stressful, even if it is something that you enjoy doing. You have to manage information and do complex work every day. Not to mention the unexpected setbacks that you have to deal with, sometimes you have to put in most of your time to finish your work.

Career Progression – A Contemporary Approach

In the past, most jobs followed a linear rise as years went on. An assistant would become an employee, and then a manager, and so on. It was similar to climbing a ladder. You might think that it is still the same now, but it is not.

Equality in Pay Scales, A Case of Remote Work

With the recent lockdowns, people started working from home. That also means that more companies have started hiring people that cannot physically show up to work. Does not physically working in an office mean that they contribute less to the company?

How Social Media Reveals You To Hiring Managers

A quick scroll through our personal social media, not to mention Google, will already reveal personality details that will inform hiring teams to gauge whether a candidate is suitable for a role. However, there are deeper insights these platforms can reveal, sometimes to an unethical extent.

Are You a Master of Emotional Intelligence?

While we all know IQ or intelligence quotient – a measure of your ability to reason and solve problems is important at work, EQ or emotional quotient or emotional intelligence is just as, if not a higher element to succeed at work.


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