While we all know IQ or intelligence quotient – a measure of your ability to reason and solve problems is important at work, EQ or emotional quotient or emotional intelligence is just as, if not a higher element to succeed at work. 

Are You a Master of Emotional Intelligence?

Take note that EQ is not something that you are born with, rather it is an acquired skill. So remember these signs to brush up on self-development ☺

What are the important signs of being emotionally intelligent? Here are examples to apply in the work environment:

1) Express vulnerability in a productive and professional way. Authentic powerful conversations brought about by a willingness to discuss failures, and faults that gained wisdom and experience is an important way to humanize one’s self. When you know how to be vulnerable but present yourself in a professional manner, it helps people understand that emotions are not tied to weakness, rather to strength. It is not wrong to talk about non-work things especially if it informs the work creatively and productively. Just try not to talk about sensitive topics like deep family issues. EQ helps establish the balance.

2) Request critical feedback. One must learn how to request constructive feedback. This helps you develop yourself and advance your career. It is also a sign of high emotional intelligence because it takes a whole lot of courage and confidence.

3) Use communication styles with an audience. Know your audience. Once you know how to be flexible and adapt communication styles to different stakeholders, coworkers, etc. you widen your horizon because you know how to bend your language styles to get different people’s attention. It also makes you more empathetic when you try to learn to relate to people and find common ground to connect.

4) Ditch perfectionism. You will learn to cultivate self-compassion and a growth mindset if you realize that everyone makes mistakes to learn from them and not to fail from them. We all gain wisdom from wins and we gain experience from losses. Perfectionism is impossible for human beings! Aiming to be perfect is not a perfect way to present yourself at work, because no one is!

5) Stay away from gossip and negative coworkers. This is an unproductive use of energy. People with high EQ helps you become mindful of the company that you keep and establish professional boundaries. Those who indulge in gossip and negativity in the workplace only get stuck in a spiral of toxicity. Instead of spending that time focusing on self-growth, projecting hate towards other people will only use up precious time to gain wisdom. 

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