As they say, the only thing constant is change and with the ever-changing economy and business landscape, it thereby affects social norms as well. We, at Gohuntr, believe that professional etiquette needs to also be rehashed with the changing times. 

7 Outdated Professional Etiquette Tips

Let’s look at outdated professional etiquette principles that are holding you back and how to update them:

1) Only talking about inclusivity, diversity, and transparency. It’s very easy to ride on buzzword trends to seem like a flexible, modern workplace. It’s difficult to actually apply these principles in the organizational culture in real life. These should be actionable grounds from top to bottom of any work structure. Lying on paper will easily catch on to an organization.

2) Not discussing salary at work. It used to be taboo to talk about money and how much you get at work, especially with co-workers because it might show huge pay differences. But, if done tactfully and with the best intent, not discussing salary may cause pay discrimination and other unfair practices.

3) No visible tattoos or piercings. Being strict about appearance when it comes to hiring candidates can cause missing out on hiring perfect candidates for a role. Tattoos or piercings will not get in the way of work quality. And accepting candidates who have these can ingrain more creativity and freedom. And when a person feels free, they perform humanly best.

4) Respecting authority. There is a way to respect authority at work without having to be feeling the culture of irrational fear. It is best for a team to have the chance to engage and collaborate with authority rather than just avoiding them out of fear.

5) Never interrupting. There is the skill of effective listening vs. rudely interrupting. It’s important to raise questions to a speaker in the perfect timing and to use respectful tone.

6) Wife jokes. Misogyny should be dead by now. The old boys’ club at work is over. This practice of poking fun about each other’s wives or nationality does not contribute to an open-minded business forum. It’s 2021, the pandemic doesn’t need racists or sexists.

7) Brushing off praise. Over-humility is not doing anyone good at all. Anyone should be confident about their skill sets. Stop brushing-off praise especially if you worked hard for a thing. Don’t say ‘it’s nothing’. You can professionally say, Thanks for the support. This makes you confident in your work. 

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