Challenge and change. If you were to summarize 2020, that would be it. Zoom in on change, and cling to forwardness and hope. Here at GoHuntr, we always believe in the perfect combination of need and adaptability. 

2021 Hiring Trends and Career Forecasts

From history, humankind has continued to learn to ride the wave of change. The working industry is definitely not spared from the global pandemic. This happening has led to impactful trends and theories on change.

So what trends and forecasts will the job market show for employers and employees in 2021?

1) Remote work is here to stay. Many companies had to urgently adapt to the start of the lockdown by way of allowing remote work. The advancement of technology developed HR software, productivity monitoring, collaboration platforms, etc. have allowed the employee to perform and remain productive even without face-to-face interaction. While this comes with its own disadvantages, businesses continue to see its many advantages as well.

2) Job roles will become increasingly hybridized. Out of necessity and change, employers will continue their preference on versatile workers. Hybrid roles are positions that require multiple skills for the job, accountants being project managers, writers understanding digital marketing, technology and people skill jobs, etc. Upgrading skill sets will help jobseekers keep up with the times.

3) Job hunts will take longer. Patience is one of the most important backbones of jobseekers during this year. Experts say that 6-12 months is the expected time for jobseekers to land a job.

4) Constant career change. Widespread job losses will force unemployed individuals to seek career changes especially if their old field can’t provide any opportunities. Skill upgrades, certification courses, constant learnings of different trades, taking up higher education, networking, will help jobseekers up their chances to land a job and jumpstart their career.

5) Contingent labor will continue to rise. A contingent workforce consists of individuals who are not on a company’s payroll: freelancers, independent contractors, and consultants. Leaning on this type of team is a big help for businesses while they adjust their hiring process and revamp their virtual hiring platforms. This is important knowledge for a jobseeker to jump on valued skill sets that benefit from this type of structure.

6) Virtual fatigue and burnout will increase. The isolation, remote work, constant tie-in with technology for work delivery, will of course affect the labor force. Wellness therefore should be given most importance during these unprecedented times, as a healthy individual contributes better to the economy and a good economy affects individuals too. A full circle, big picture view of this is important for companies to consistently take in consideration and adjust their working systems to benefit their labor force. 

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